Posted by: Marshall Sponder | April 20, 2008

Another Blog Advertising Network – Yawn

So what else is new, now everyone wants to run ads on blogs – including Six Apart, according to TechCrunch – Six Apart Launches Ad Network, Moves Into Services – Yawn, I mean, i’ll work, but probably not spectacularly – will depend on the quality of the blogs the ads are run against and the quality of the ads:

Six Apart says they’ve been able to group blogs and sell advertising to big brands (HP, MSN, Universal, among others), something that is hard to do without big name publishers. They think they can create a high value ad network for the masses. Currently, sites like FM and Glam provide high value advertisers but only to top sites. If Six Apart can deliver those kinds of advertisers, and the rates they pay, to millions of small blogs, they may have a hit on their hands.

There is no requirement that the blogs be using a Six Apart blogging platform. If you can add advertisements to your blog, you can join the network. Six Apart Media is led by David Tokheim.

Blog Services – Six Apart Services

Six Apart will also begin selling services to blogs for a fee. The core services will be offered by the Apperceptive team in New York, and include site design, back end development, search engine optimization and other services. These services are aimed at larger publishers that can pay, and will also be provided free or at a discount to members of the advertising network. The site isn’t neglecting their smaller customers though, and is also launching consulting services that are designed to help all bloggers maximize their marketing impact.


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