Posted by: Marshall Sponder | April 15, 2008

Comscore frustrations – platform unsuitable for Social Media Measurement

Part of the problem, I think, with MyMetrix, are the time frame of reports (monthly) doesn’t allow answering questions that depend on something that just happened yesterday, or last week. The difficulties and limitation of processing Panel data makes Comscore MyMetrix unsuitable for any kind of Viral or Buzz Marketing reporting, a significant weakness of the platform (though, in all fairness, MyMetrix was never designed to do Buzz Monitoring or anything like it).

I came across this insight while reading a post on the HitWise Blog titled American Airlines Cancelled Flights and Social Networks where Heather Hopkins wrote:

Yesterday, I looked at Hitwise clickstream data to see where people were going after visiting My hunch was that people would visit other airline websites to look for alternate flights. My hunch proved wrong. We actually saw a decrease in traffic from to Commercial Airlines, Travel Agencies and Destinations & Accommodation websites. Instead, consumers were going from to websites for Email Services, Social Networks and News and Media.

While we saw a 12% decrease in downstream visits from to Travel websites, we saw a 19% increase in visits to News and Media websites, 13% increase to Email Services and a 74% in visits to Social Networking and Forums.

I wanted to see what Comscore using the Source/Loss Reports (produced monthly) might show but then I realized there was no way to get a readout from the Source/Loss report for yesterday or last week, in fact, last month’s report isn’t even available yet, and the earliest data I can pull from Comscore on Source/Loss (similar to the Clickstream report in HitWise) is for the month of February 08 (at the time of this writing – six weeks ago).

Next month, while I’m at the Emetrics Summit in San Francisco – I’ll also be speaking on a Panel on Social Media Measurement and Metrics with Comscore and the IAB (at least, that’s my understanding as of today); I intend to bring this up – Comscore’s platform is unsuitable for  measuring buzz and Social Media because you can’t hone in on a day (your stuck with a month’s view) and the delay of the processing; I also believe the panel of ~115,000 is too small.

Just a thought and I’d be curious to know what anyone else thinks about this subject.


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