Posted by: Marshall Sponder | April 7, 2008

Mapping Foreclosures

The only thing that I’d argue with in the TechCrunch post on Foreclosures Shown On Scary, Encroaching Heat Maps is the definition of what is a high number of Foreclosures based on population of an area – sets to 1 out of every 150 homeowners – not sure what it should be.  According to TechCrunch:

If you want to see in stark colors exactly how the mortgage credit crisis is spreading across the country, go to real estate search site HotPads and look at the foreclosure heat maps in your area. These are map mashups that take foreclosure data from RealtyTrac and overlay them on a color-coded map. Red indicates a high rate of property foreclosures per capita, and blue indicates a low level. Since foreclosures are now hitting record rates, there is a lot of red on these maps. In Silicon Valley, for instance, only a few pockets like Palo Alto and Sunnyvale remain in the blue. A view of New York City shows the foreclosures beginning to close in on Manhattan from the outer boroughs.


I took a look myself and played with various locations – such as the New York area.

Would be interesting to see how this view would compare from a year or two ago – which I don’t think is offered – though having that information would highlight the seriousness of how many homes are being Foreclosed on.


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