Posted by: Marshall Sponder | April 6, 2008

Death by Engagement – that is, Google Analytics by new Engagement Metrics Packages

It looks like Rich Page thinks Google Analytics is going to die a slow, gradual death, strangled by new Engagement Metrics packages like Nuconomy – ie: Engagement and the Death of Google Analytics addresses why Google Analytics be superseded by better engagement measurement platforms.

I don’t agree. While I have my issues with some of Google Analytics’s limitations, I have to say Google Analytics, today, is far superior to the best WebTrends implementations I’ve worked with lately, and it’s free.

In fact, Google Analytics is also is almost as good as Coremetrics or Omniture – were it not for their lack of Segmentation capabilities – I mean real segmentation – GA it would be superior.

The problem is Google is not going after the high end of Analytics users and probably can’t handle the data capacity of going in that direction (though I could see them adding custom segmentation for a small fee, per user).

As far as the Engagement Metrics themselves, I haven’t yet worked with Nuconomy but what I saw didn’t suggest anything that could not be added to Google Analytics without too much work.



  1. Marshall,

    You mention that Google Analytics is superior to “the best WebTrends implementations” you’ve worked with lately.

    Have you looked any any of WebTrends products or capabilities outside of aggregate data analysis and reporting? Our ability to integrate into the marketing data ecosystem and enable the flow of visitor-specific data across the ecosystem is 2nd to no one.

    Our open approach to sharing visitor-specific data with other systems means that, for example, we can collect demographic or offline behavioral detail about visitors from our customers’ CRM system, combine that with onsite behavioral data collected from the WebTrends tag, and, based on business rules, share that data with a 3rd party email vendor to target customers who meet a specific behavioral and demographic profile. We can do this on an automated basis or on an ad-hoc basis. It’s quite powerful.

    I’d be happy to connect you with someone who can show you some of our modern capabilities, if you’re interested.

    Best regards,

    Aaron Gray

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