Posted by: Marshall Sponder | April 3, 2008

Opening Keynote – Virtual Worlds 2008

I walked in just after the keynote began and was looking out for a power outlet – could not find one but wireless access is good and I’m working from my laptop right.

Welcome and Virtual Worlds 2008
Christopher V. Sherman, Executive Director, Virtual Worlds 2008
 Charles Scothon, General Manager & SVP, Girls Mattel Brands Mattel, Inc. 
Rosie O’Neill, Senior Brand Manager, Barbie Tech Mattel, Inc.

Trying to take this in – the variety of what you can do is much higher in the BarbieWorld than in the real world, that’s for young girls and the way 8 years old vs. 12 year old girls cognitively process and play online differs.

Internet safety and internet privacy – the idea of getting the whole family to gather around the computer (they way they used to gather around the radio 75 years ago?).

The idea that you can use virtual worlds to bring kids and parents together is what’s being stressed – not sure I buy that yet – at any rate -it’s something that’s being stressed along with the future of Barbie Girls.   Can’t say I am getting all excited over this – but I could see where some would (just not me).

I get the sense that we’re moving into the next level of virtual worlds where monetization is being worked out.  I will see if I can write more about this later, but I’m not really seeing enough content here to take notes – that’s just my opinion – and I think some of the other sessions I’m planning to attend will be much better.


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