Posted by: Marshall Sponder | April 3, 2008

Marketing to Teens in Virtual Hangouts

An interesting session here at Virtual Worlds 2008 that I wasn’t planning to attend but ended up sitting in on – seems like most of the virtual worlds marketing to Teenagers are giving them a room of their own they can decorate how they want and activities they can invite their friends to.

From the Mall to Virtual Worlds: Reaching Teens in Virtual Hangouts
Virtual worlds come in all shapes and sizes, but knowing what features are necessary to reach and engage fickle teenagers can be tricky. What do teens want in their virtual worlds? How important are brands? Music? Mobile? Entertainment? Communication? This session brings together executives from some of the foremost teen-focused virtual worlds to talk about what works, what doesn’t, and how best to keep teens involved and engaged.
John Park, IAC President of Consumer Applications & Portals, IAC/InterActiveCorp
Tim Stevens, President & CEO, Doppelganger
Christopher Jackson, Director, Digital Media & Merchandising, Epitome Pictures
Wendy Louie, Marketing Manager, New Media, Random House Children’s Books
Blair Erickson, Creative Director, Millions of Us LLC (moderator)

The Virtual Worlds can deliver a pretty amazing (and safe) experience for teens – it’s interesting to hear the statistics these marketers are coming up with – not sure how they come up with those numbers of if the numbers are any good.

Brands, the speakers feel, are identities teenagers want to relate to.

The Alchemyst was a book promoted by and Michael Scott, the author, did a virtual world book tour on that resulted in several thousand comments within the first hours of the book tour and several thousand hits to Michael Scott’s website – which shows this traffic can crossover from one channel to another.



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