Posted by: Marshall Sponder | April 2, 2008

Dinner Tonight and the Virtual Worlds 2008 VIP speaker reception

Really tired – about to just hit the sack – but I want to write a couple lines about tonight’s meeting at the Virtual Worlds 2008 VIP speaker reception that took place over at The  Stitch Bar on West 37th Street off of 8th Avenue.

Meet a few people I knew there including Jared Freedman, who’ll be speaking on Friday – I also went out to dinner with Jared and Robert Lai, Chief Scientist with the China Recreation District.

Now that I have a new Flip digital camera, I’ll be taking some footage of Virtual Worlds 2008 and Blogger Social 08 over the next 4 days.

But for my readers – I’ll be tweeting a lot (I usually tweet alot anyway) – when I’m at conferences I tend to tweet instead of write notes – at least, as long as there’s connectivity.  I’ll blog from there too – but you’ll probably find you can get the minute by minute things with tweets.

Was a good dinner with friends.


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