Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 27, 2008

YouTube Video Analytics gets an Upgrade – ComScore also doing something similar with Ads

Got the news today that YouTube improved their analytics to tell Video Creators When and Where a Clip Is Being Watched

“…With the Insight information, video creators can dig into the specifics of a video’s performance and find, for example, that it peaks on Fridays in winter months, or it has taken several weeks to get traction — information that can help better promote their work. The information, presented as a color-coded map and a graph of a video’s popularity, is accessible through a link from a video creator’s account page on YouTube. The company will update the data once a day.”

I don’t see any of that data live yet, at least, not for my videos but I’m reminded of ComScore Ad Metrix, a new service being rolled out that will show what ads were running on a site (yours or a competitor), the number of impressions, the ad creative, and eventually, the spend. I found that interesting for Analytics, as then, you might be able to explain why visitation gained or dropped and track it back to the specific ad and specific property it ran on.

I think, regardless of what you think of YouTube or of what ComScore is rolling out – it’s clear metrics is moving from being about a site ( what happens on the site) to what happens to the content of a site when it’s shown somewhere else or syndicated somewhere else – in other words – metrics are moving towards becoming behavioral.

Since I haven’t actually worked with or even seen live versions of either of the products I’m writing about here I’ll leave my comments about the what either one delivers to a future time when I can take a closer look at the live platforms.

I also got a demo of ComScore Segment Metrix H/M/L yesterday – again, the focus is behavioral and both ComScore Ad Metrix and ComScore Segment Metrix would yield a lot of additional insights were I able to work with them. Half the battle is just getting those products purchased, to be honest.

The other thing to note is API level integration of this data – say, ComScore’s with your Analytics – is possible – and companies are doing it.- some companies are doing i, I should say – and it would be great if segment metrix could be overlayed to existing pages of a site – at least, all the main pages – and be integrated with the analytics.

That’s some I’d like to see happen and be able to work with the data.



  1. what personal information about the viewer, if any, can they find out, such as, your ip number or possible merge data to find your name?

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