Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 26, 2008

Some thoughts about Blogger Social 08 – notes to myself

I read though Blogger Social ’08 Profiles and some thoughts came to me immediately – I’m writing them down to catch them before I move on to something else or just forget about it.

Tara Anderson – I’m wondering what is “lijit”?  This is something that’s escaped me but some research brought me to a page about Lijit  – it seems to be a search engine about “you” that you control.  Need to talk to Tara to find out how that all figures into her messaging.

Todd Andrlik – Need to ask Todd how he comes up with the metrics for AdAge Power 150 – personally, I have yet to see any of these “rolled” rating list be convincing in how they assign ranking to a list (authority / influence) – should be fun to have that conversation.

Matthew Bailey  – It’s going to be interesting conference (Blogger Social) as we have a mix of very high profile speakers/bloggers, like Matt, and others who are not so high profile (me?).   I’m wondering how this conference is going to shake out – I don’t think this kind of socializing, for a whole weekend, with this kind of mix of bloggers – has ever been done in quite this way.  Heard Matt Bailey’s presentation about Star Trek Analytics last week at SES and read about on his blog over a year ago (it was almost identical).   I’ll probably need to relax a little before meeting some of these people, and try to talk less and listen more.

Ryan Barrett  reminds me of how many Digitas and Ogilvy people there are going to be attending Blogger Social – maybe 10% will be of that grouping.  In Ryan’s case, she’s someone  I’d enjoy talking with and I’m envious of how she could dance the night away, throw cocktail parties, and all that stuff, and fully enjoy it.  At the same time, someone that happy, probably doesn’t need anything from me – so there’s a challenge finding a way to have a meaningful conversation that I could contribute to.

I’ve read Cam Beck‘s blog for a while – I think there’s an interesting conversation about and Job Search Engines.

Jennifer Berk  – Impressive, and she’s into Public Service /Non-Profit sector, smart and attractive; I’ve often been curious at what drives pure math types into Internet Strategy/Marketing – I guess I’ll find out next week.

Ran into David Berkowitz several times over the last 3 years as we both live in NYC and attend some of the same conferences – wasn’t aware that besides being press, he was a speaker too, and not only reports on the news stories, but kinda makes news too.

Rohit Bhargava and I were at Social Networking Conference in Miami in late January, but we didn’t meet; I know who he is and what he does, and would like to talk to him, it just hasn’t happened till now that I had the opportunity.

Maybe I can learn about public speaking more Susan Bird – about focusing the ability to persuade – and she’s a lawyer too – don’t get to speak to many lawyers who are also into marketing.

And I’m wondering if Toby Bloomberg is related to Mayer Bloomberg?  Is she is his daugher or cousin?  On the other hand, she lives in Atlanta and most of Bloomberg’s family, I think, live around here, so maybe it’s just the name.

Tim Brunelle lives in Minneapolis – Saint Paul area, known as the “Twin Cities” and I used live there (from 1981-1986) – it’ll be interesting to talk about what’s changed in the Twin Cities since I was last there (over 20 years ago).

Gene DeWitt  says he has advised just about every major advertiser in the world on media communications – that’s a lot of people – I’ll need to ask him about that.

And it’ll be interesting to talk about political stuff with Kristin Gorski who writes for the Huffington Post.  I’m going to hear  Arianna Huffington, Huffington on Friday at March Meetup: New Media & the 2008 Elections over at NYU.

I met Kris Hoet at LeWeb3 last December and we spoke for about an hour – should be fun to speak again at Blogger Social.

Also, Kevin Horne  teaches at Baruch College and I got my Marketing Certificate from Baruch Continuing Education in 2003, will be interested in hearing what is going on at Baruch these days. I get invited to CAP program openings and talks often but haven’t gone to one in several years.

Joseph Jaffe  is one of the three Crayon PR attendees at Blogger Social and I’ve heard him speak at SES NY last year (or was it the year before – not sure anymore) – he knows Bryan Eisenberg and is into Second Life – his office is in Second Life – so we should have a lot to talk about.

I saw Jennifer Laycock last week at SES NY and have spoken to her briefly a few times over the last 3 years, mostly at Search Conferences – and have written a post or two about her – it’ll be nice to spend time in a different setting for a change.

I know Valeria Maltoni for a year or so; I’ve always enjoyed talking with her.  Blogger Social is an interesting mix of people, an international crowd, I bet she’ll feel very at home in her element.

Probably have spoken to or corresponded with Doug Meacham while I was at – he’s in a whole different part of IBM than where I worked – we’ll probably end up talking about IBM – which is OK, since I still know a lot of people there.

A punk rocker? Darryl Ohrt was a Punk Rocker – now that’s going to be a very interesting conversation – yeah, someone who was into punk rock probably wants to know just enough to be dangerous – I am definitely going to want to ask him about his Punk Rock days.

Met Cathleen Rittereiser at NONE recently – she’s one of my “Tweet Friends” and I like reading her Tweets on Twitter – she’s a lot of fun – it’ll be interesting to see how this crowd interacts with each other.

Linda Sherman and the Japan experience – I’ll need to ask her about that – and headed Club Med Japan plus founded Coors Japan – boy am I in with a bunch of high powered people (just hope I’m not too intimidated by it – alot of self actualized people can be inspiriting but also, if I measure my own life against these kind of level of authority – not sure I’d measure up.

The closest thing I have in my life to being in a level of authority is my seat on the Board of Directors of the Web Analytics Association, where I run the Social Media Committee – but I’ve never had a real position of power like running part of a large corporation.  I’ll try not to let my self get intimidated by that and by people who have got it way or together than my life is.

When I look at my own description – Marshall Sponder – I don’t think I really described who I am, as much as many of the other short bios – perhaps that’s a defense, on my part, as I’m not really sure what to say about myself.  Well, here’s my Self Portrait – maybe my spirit, via color, will tell you about me (see Self Portrait – is it my creation or is the painting creating me? )

Self Portrait

I’ll be looking for feedback and contacts out of this conference – perhaps some insight on where it’s all going from this group.  Perhaps we should build a Social Network for the group (Ning would be a good platform for it) and then, after the conference, we can continue the conversation.

Finally, I’ll want to speak with CB Whittemore about Rugs!  What’s this thing with “Rugs” and carpet fiber and CB Whittemore (I find it intriguing).  The real reason I want to speak with her is she’s an artist and Art History buff, and that’s something I have in common – so, we’ll talk.

And that’s it.



  1. Thanks for the advance warning! 🙂 Look forward to meeting you.

  2. Marshall – I love your self portrait. I see creativity, sensitivity and a sense of wonder.

    As for the name “Bloomberg” .. well Shel Israel in Naked Conversations says Michael and I are cousins, my aunts think there is a some relationship somewhere .. we just don’t know where that branch of the old family tree might be 😉

    Looking forward to meeting next week.

  3. Hey – Sounds good. Don’t forget to sign up for one of the meetups.

    As for Lijit, you’ve got to try it out. Here’s a review I did on it awhile back.

  4. Marshall,

    I’m flattered that you would consider me “high profile” and even more flattered that you remembered the Star Trek thing from the blog. 99.9% of the people at an SES never heard it before, as it stayed in the analytics and trekkie communities, so i felt safe doing it. Thanks for the mention.

    Looking forward to actually meeting you this time – i think we’ve been at the same conferences for a few years and never met up.

  5. Hi Marshall,
    I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for including me. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you at Social Blogger. I’ll be there through Sunday night so lets definitely make time to talk.

  6. Looking forward to meeting you again Marshall – see you in NYC

  7. Marshall, thanks for sharing your notes, as now there are several people I’m even more eager to meet. David

  8. Hi Marshall –
    Can’t wait to meet you! I’ll throw a mini cocktail party at the big Saturday party in our honor – ie, let’s toast Blogger Social and chat for awhile 🙂
    See you soon,

  9. Marshall, I love what you’ve done here and very much look forward to meeting you!

  10. Marshall, I would love to speak with you more about the value that Lijit provides to bloggers. My messaging is still a work in progress so I’m looking forward to learning from the masters who will be in attendance at Blogger Social.

    Cam, thanks for the Lijit mention and for pointing Marshall towards your post. Appreciate the help!

  11. Didn’t even make the list….I am going to have to be EXTRA charming when we meetin NYC so people will remember me 🙂


  12. Hey there –
    Can you send me your email info? I’m sending out a note about blogger brunch on Sunday and can’t find your contact info!!

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