Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 24, 2008

Landing Page Optimization by Tim Ash

I meant to write this review of Landing Page Optimization a month ago – got so sidetracked (my life should be more optimized, I guess) that I didn’t get around to it and then I saw Tim Ash at Search Engine Strategies last week and we spent a whole hour talking about his book and a new offer.

Landing Page Optimization – The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions was actually pretty easy to read though a lot of the information Tim provided was already familiar to me – I knew it was leading up to something big – and that ended up being Chapter 10 and Chapter 11, especially Chapter 11, which could have been a book or booklet in and of itself.

I personally haven’t done Landing Page Optimization – most of the roles I’ve filled in organizations haven’t really involved me in this aspect of Analytics – but if I did need to learn it – there wasn’t a book till now that covered pretty much everything – till Landing Page Optimization came along.

I enjoy hanging with Tim Ash too – he’s a lot of fun, and very mellow and kind – I saw him in Miami at the Social Networking Conference / iDate Conference (I guess Dating sites need Landing Page Optimization too).

Last week Tim told me about a new service featuring Conversion Auditing and there’s a free white paper entitled “Conversion Tuning Overview” which you can get by going to

You can also arrange for a Conversion Audit or request a complimentary telephone consultation from SiteTuners, visit

I asked Tim to explain what you get with the Conversion Audit – you define a landing page and navigation process and SiteTuners examines it and tells you what to change (and get your conversion rate up by 20%-30% which is a big deal). At no time is SiteTuners doing A/B testing here but they are making very detailed recommendations on what needs to be changed – sounds like the Conversion Audit is a worthwhile investment, given what I heard (prices go for between 5K-10K depending on how many actions you in the Landing Page being investigated).

A good book – I’d buy it, especially if your going to get involved with Landing Page Optimization.


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