Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 21, 2008

Google is the best place to work – hmm, when are the rest of the employers going to catch up?

Ok, ok, ok – Google is the best place to work, bar none, according a poll in Search Engine RoundTable –

Poll: Would You Want to Work at Google?

But they’re not the only one’s who think this – a lot more people want to work at Google and who can blame them when you see this video.

But that makes me think – should more companies be like this – or more like this – which means – spreading the wealth in ways beyond stock- after all – we live now – more than in the future – shouldn’t the goal be to improve our lives now – and also improve the quality of what we create now.

It seems to me, while not every company is in the position Google is – to spread the wealth – the approach Google has towards employees ought to be emulated a lot more often than it is.

Instead of gigantic salaries for CEO’s, maybe companies would be better off spending much of that money on their employees.

That’s what I think.


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