Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 20, 2008

Social Media Sessions at SES

Here’s two sessions I attended at SES NY this afternoon and my Twitter notes; I appologize in advance for the lack of formatting and spelling of my Tweets – it’s a lot of work to clean it all up and put the tweets in order (wish someone wrote a utility to do it).

At conferences I’m finding it’s better to Tweet than take notes.

Successful Tactics for Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Community-built web sites, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft Tagspace Wikipedia and new sites allowing content to be shared through “tagging” can be a great way to tap into links and search-driven traffic. This session looks at some social media services and strategies to tap into them in an appropriate manner. Hear how-tos and tips from search marketers who have discovered what works today and what to avoid.


Social Media Research: Informing Search Strategies
If search engines are tapping into human knowledge more widely through tagging, click through tracking, search history features and other methods, so can search marketers. Social networks, blogs, feeds, tagging, social bookmarking and immersive game environments provide 24/7 real-time focus groups. Learn how Buzzmetrics, Cymfony and others help quantify and reveal critical insights.


social media session at SES, everyone is using Youtube but
more SERPS Traffic, BUZZ, why video sharing? how to videos really good?

people searching 4 videos more, descriptions and look at links to the video (authority) yahoo plays more videos in search results, it appears links to videos (authority) are more important than title, description, keywords lady from Keyrelevance is speaking. profiles in social media sites which videos reference also affects search results the videos with more engaged comments may also rank higher and also register with a number of video services social ratings and reviews _ honest reviews, also need to monitor and correct mistakes yelp, story reviews of rest and bus listings, with Yelp, bus owner can communicate jennifer Laycock speaking draw traffic that is really engaged. the real value of Flickr is the engaged community and you can harness it we digest imagery differently than people digest text technorati and Yahoo are using Flickr, esp using long tail searches it’s not just the photo, there’s text associated with photos and by finding the right flickr groups and joing the conversation you can gain engaged visitors to your sites. draw people in via the community, soft sell, high portion of sales came from the users a lot of reasons to love Flickr if your a blogger and flickr has RSS feeds twitter…Jennifer is asking if people are twittering this session? Yes networking made simple is what Twitter, acceptable ease-dropping if there are people you want to meet in your industry this is an acceptable way to meet them twitter is fantastic as a news-source The Power of The ReTweet, people may take your twitter post and rebroadcast out reach and frequency can be instantaneously Tamara, Social Bookmarking, adds foxonomy and taxonomy on the web tag any page on the web anyway you want Delicious had 100,000,000 pages bookmarked, tag clouds and Alist bloggers tag links and reference their delicious account when a url is saved on Delicious you can find out why tagging using Delicious can valuable for keyword research delicious imports the title tag case study with Canadian marketing set up a Rss alert for your blog and what people are tagging set up a personal account and also check senement and the keywords people use with a brand William, Rasorfish social booking doubled traffic by adding bookmarking wikipedia, be careful what you add and delete being able to use Wikipedia for Seo, still possible Flickr and Photo Communities drove traffic up to client by 10% photobucket, bad for SEO, YouTube social networking sites, Facebook good and good reputation management blogs, good for company, but insistence on contacting only A List blogger is misguided, feel. content creation sites like Squido @michielb you can use these sites to build pos rep that rank well social media metrics Gartner speaker social media optimization and search panel people losing faith in mass media and marketing becoming more stragtic in managing data brand advertisers need to understand how their brands resonate in their cistomers psyche and have more money to spend on analysis building sustainable brands and how to automate relationships to get the benefits od social marketing sources too much data and from diverse sources and corrolating the data is a real pain consolodating all this data is got a lot of companies to come in and go where many treditional companies can’t a list of social media metrics firms, nielson on the top we see a 4 phase aproaqch

1)interagration with Intranet Portal

2) intergrate with other reports

3)data model intergration

4)Platform Itergration at the end of the day you want to get intellegence that informs buying decisions

Agency approach, Jonathan Ashton most tools are version 1.0 and backward looking but content is being influenced by tagging, etc 27 social network tools in 6 buckets rss, news blogs, i,mages, RSS_ Yahoo pipes, Google News, Yahoo feeds, reddit, newsvine,Google Alerts, google Blog Search, Technorati, blogpulse,,,, Tracking Taging,, ma.gnolia,

Measure Images flickr, YouTube, copernic,, Rob Key from Converseon, trends emerging among 12 to 24 year old community is the most important in some ways we are early in it and brands have not yet been invited communities are very different, isolation, group membership, time, migration, technical diversity new languages and words emerging and if your actively targeting a community you need to understand the community and pqarticipate and know and what can we give, what is the GIVING Metric and understand the language as language is the first indentifier or you can be taken hostage. Conversation Mining

Conversation Mining, how do we understand the conversation and research above the waterline (top 30 results) beloew is much more free tools are ok for some overall stuff but companies monitor everysing said conversation mining and customer service

Case Study in Second Life, deforestation, Second Chance Trees reality is when you lose control of the community and it morphs you’ve been successful IBM Speaker, Paula Oras queations

Question timeline on community building…ROI is difficult to quantify. IE if we get 10% more positive sentiment can we put a dollar value

Rob Key, I think we are 2 or 3 years from this on the other haqnd, negative remarks are often seen shortly after a product launch but you have to start with a real marketing problem question aqbout E commerce done successfuly online such Bazzarvoice and Amazon, TripAdvisior, Nike (Ipods and shoes)

Rob Key, mining data is pretty intensive and engaging communities is time consuming small businesses, right now, are better off doing it theselves

question WOMMA/ethics here at the Hilton bar having drinks with Brian Eisenberg, Rob Key, Amatha Walthington, Sebastian Wenzel, etc

@amycrehore the guy asking questions was from an economis company asked to do social media reputation management

@amycrehore if people detect something insensere or nontransparent there will be backlasjh @amycrehore the guy asking questions was from an economis company asked to do social media reputation management on a bus with a bunch of people going to the EXCLUSIVE MSN Party in Chelsea here at MSN party at Slate, pretty packed and fun, I’ve ben at Slate many times for other events @amycrehore and one of them should be me .. darn, I’ll get on it this week! 25 minutes ago from web in reply to amycrehore



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  2. Thanks Marshall… the information you have given is very helpful about social media optimization, successful tactics for social media optimization and some sites allowing sharing the content through tagging and driving the traffic. Search engine marketing services are a base to optimize your website on various keywords and get the desired rankings in the top of search engines.

  3. Hello Marshall – Thanks for sharing your notes and I hope that the session was helpful for you.

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