Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 20, 2008

Search Engine Strategies NYC 2008 Recap – my own thoughts

Whew!  Search Engine Strategies NYC 2008 is done and  I’m mentioned in Search Engine RoundTable in a post about SES NY ’08 Conference Recap

“…I would like to thank our volunteer contributors who possibly burned the rubber off their keyboards covering the sessions for all those who were unable to attend. It is amazing how hard they work (I know, since I did several sessions myself) to get this live blog coverage up for you. Here is a list of the volunteers that are due our appreciation and thanks (feel free to comment thanking them). A huge thank you to Tamar Weinberg, Chris Boggs of Brulant, Debra Mastaler of Alliance Link and of Link Spiel Jeff Quipp of Search Engine People, Marshall Sponder of The Analytics Guru, Bill Hartzer and to Avi & Sheara Wilensky of Promedia Corp. Thank you all so much for helping with the coverage. “

I guess my first observation is that I’m not really used to writing for Search Engine RoundTable but I did my best – it’s just that I write putting my own impressions in while that’s just what I need to exclude in this case.   I’m probably not going to try this again, I wanted more attention of the SEO Community to this blog and that’s why I thought I could help out.

The second thought – while most of the sessions didn’t go into enough depth for me, they may have been all that’s required for the majority of people who attended.

I’ve had a perception in most of the conferences I attend that sessions are trying to familiarize attendees with a subject; many people are already familiar with Search Marketing and SEO and there needs to be a way to present material satisfying to all levels, but that might not always be possible.

My third perception is the Social Media/Social Search Tract was the most interesting for me this year and was more expanded than in the past.

I’m really exhausted from the last 4 days and I think some more things about SES NY will come to my mind in a couple of days.


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