Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 17, 2008

First two sessions at SES – Monday, March 17th, 2008

I covered the first session, Redefining the Customer  at Search Engine Strategies, where I’m attending today though Thursday over at Search Engine Round table.

SES New York 2008SES New York
March 17-20, 2008 | New York City
Search Engine Strategies’ biggest event of the year is in New York. Our experts cover all aspects of search engine-related promotion, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Mobile Marketing. More »

The second session, on Analytics, I provided Round table with the information but since my commentary is more personal oriented, like my blogging – it didn’t get published.  That’s OK, I’ll publish it below, but it might have typos in it – bear with me.

Analytics into action

Matt Bailey is going through how to determine conversion rate using
Star Trek.  Actually, most of his presentation is a word by word
duplication of an article he wrote last year titled STAR TREK
ANALYTICS (which I also covered at when I first
read the article of Matt’s) and I won’t try to replicate his post here
(just go read it).

Matt’s presentation is very good, he speaks well through the content
is very familiar (he hasn’t said anything new, and maybe that’s OK for
most people, but I tend to want to hear something new, and I haven’t

Analytics is really about Analyst, not the tool and quotes Avinash
Kaushik, and I agree with this.

The second part of this session focused on Paid Search and ROI in the
Insurance Industry.

Campaign History for this presentation was about an Insurance Gap (in
between insurances), the product being advertised).

What could we spend (what we pay to brokers).  What we’d do in the
past is work with our search vendor and let them figure out the caps.
However, we were not feeding iprospect’s bid management tools enough
of the right info, and conversions and premiums vary quite a bit.

What did we do?  ROAS  we set an optimization target for what we were
willing to spend for that conversion.
Estimated click is less than or equal to the customer value…and
we fed that into the tool and got better results.

We also changed our reporting from CPA to ROAS and since we added more
data into the tools our conversions went up from 1.6% tp 1.8% and it’s
still going up/

Ad copy does make a difference, and using words like  quality  and
official site.

Thoughts and might not be feeding enough of the data
you already have into your paid management tools.

My take on this session is two very good speakers who presented rote,
but useful information on analytics and paid search.

1. Paid or Organic on a client with 49 sites.
A. Do both if you can, organic first if you can’t do paid.

2. Do you tweak ROAS after a commercial is aired?
A. You can make changed on what your management wants you to do..
It’s an ongoing dialog about attribution and it’s difficult to come up
with an actual number.

Multichannel creates a problem for mrasurement.

Data tagging vs logfiles and cookies.  Logfiles are about 15% lower on
the numbers than Javqascript.

End of session

SES New York 2008



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