Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 15, 2008

Google Ad Manager – is it all that big a deal? Jeff Jarvis says – “Yes” – “To Serve Man”

And honestly, I don’t know yet since I didn’t really understand, till I read Jeff Jarvis post on BuzzMachine Google Ad Manager: It’s bigger than it looks what Google Ad Manager actually was.

A good overall description of Google Ad Manager was published Thursday in the New York Times in an article titled Google Launches Hosted Ad Management Service:

“….Ad Manager is flexible enough to let publishers sell their own advertising, Google said. For ad space they can’t sell, publishers can opt to use Google’s AdSense system to fill unsold slots.

Google’s AdSense delivers text advertisements that are matched with the content of a Web site. Google will let publishers use Ad Manager in tandem with similar technology from other competing ad placement networks.

Ad Manager can also target ads at specific users. It is capable of delivering ads based on a user’s domain, the brand of Web browser and language it uses, the PC’s operating system and how much bandwidth is available on their Internet connection.”

So, Ad Manager doesn’t do really sophisticated behavioral and demographics type targeting , but can do some basic targeting that should be sufficent if your not trying to do anything exotic – that’s what it looks like to me.

But Jeff Jarvis thinks this “Google Ad Server” development is much bigger than anything else that happened this week – and a lot happened this week…

“….The biggest news of the week — well, besides the governor-erect (hat tip to the New York Post) — was not AOL’s purchase of Bebo or Yahoo’s embrace of the semantic web (about which I remain skeptical) or certainly Lacygate. No, the biggest, most game-changing news went by without a great deal of notice and that Google’s announcement of a free ad-serving platform.”

Jarvis sees Google being “Google” and holding onto the data for it’s own purposes – perhaps reasons that really aren’t very valid:

“…There’s just one issue: It’s not open-source. And it’s Google’s.

Google’s benefits are clear: By offering free ad-serving to sites, it has an opening to be on many more sites, and when they don’t have ads of their own to serve, Google can serve AdSense and make some more money. Google also gathers incredible data about ad performance and pricing and about the sites themselves. One big problem with its program is that it doesn’t share that data with the publishers and let them use it to more efficiently serve its ads. It also doesn’t share it with advertisers and let them take advantage of a more transparent marketplace.

No, Google’s holding onto that information itself and, once again, becoming smarter than all of us. And I say that’s our own damned fault for not building our truly open ad marketplace. It’s not too late, but it soon will be.

Perhaps .

Do you think Google is really like the big headed Alien from “To Serve Man” episode of the television series The Twilight Zone? Remember the guy with the big head – and the appetite fed with people….. hmm ..

To Serve Man
The Twilight Zone episode
Susan Cummings and Richard Kiel in “To Serve Man“.
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 89
Written by Rod Serling (Based on the story To Serve Man by Damon Knight. First published in the January 1953 issue of If.)

Ah … now I got figured out – it’s Google that’s serving us (up on a platter).

Ha, Ha, Ha – maybe Jeff Jarvis is putting me in the “To Internet Serve Man” mood! According to Jeff Jarvis:

“…Altogether, Google is simply doing what Google does: creating a platform. That benefits all its users and it benefits Google by putting it at the center of the market. But the more closed that market is, the more it benefits Google over the users. And the more Google becomes the sole standard, the more it can successfully make it closed. So if we’re going to create an open ad marketplace, now’s the time. If it’s not already too late.”

Is Google Ad Manager just another way to get us hooked into a system “they” control and keep closed?



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