Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 12, 2008

SPITZER RESIGNS – some people think he was framed

SPITZER just resigned the New York Governorship but some people believe he was framed – just read a post over at by Bill Sobel sharing the belief some people have about soon to be former Governer of New York, Elliot Spitzer and cites a FaceBook group that strongly believes Spitzer was framed:

“…Obviously the Spitzer story is big…very big. The 3rd Governor in the Tri-State area
who was forced to resign.

But was it a Frame-Up? I’m not taking a stand here…just interesting.


I’m  not sure if  SPITZER RESIGNING and accepting responsibility for ‘failings’ was somehow planned, or not – but it seems like he had enough he was doing that even if he was framed, he also appears to be a willing participant.

I wrote about Emperors Club VIP – now I get it – Spitzer is snagged a few days ago, and natually, I’ve been very troubled by the whole episode.   I thought, over all, he was a good governor and attorney general for New York up to this point and if he was “taken down” there is probably a reason why.

But nothing is ever black and white.  Actually, I’m feeling good about the Lieutenant  Governor (Paterson to Ascend to Power in Midst of Storm from the New York Times) David A. Paterson taking over for Elliot Spitzer – it sorta feels like no one ever expected this guy to be Governor and now he will be.



  1. Too funny. The guy gets caught for doing something that he himself goes after people for…and everyone thinks he was “framed”.

    First off, “Framed” implies that he is innocent of the crime and that the information was concocted to make him look guilty.

    Fact: He did commit the crime.

    His problem was, he positioned himself so morally high that he made himself such a target and didn’t have the understanding that doing so would make him more attractive to take down.

    He wasn’t framed…he got stupid and thought that he was above reproach.

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