Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 11, 2008

Web Analytics Definitions – Indextools and the WAA Wiki

I noticed Dennis Mortensen’s post on Web Analytics Definitions – WAA – IndexTools Compliance and I think it would be great if all the major Web Analytics Vendors did the same thing IndexTools just did defining compliance to the WAA Web Analytics Standards.

On that note mentions the WAA Wiki (which we’re using to define Web 2.0 Standards). The Web Analytics Association’s Social Media and Web Standards committees are partnering in defining, perhaps for the very first time, Web 2.0 Standards (including Social Media Standards).

Last year, my committee (Social Media) started this work and created the WAA Wiki to draft Social Media Standards (see the video below – Gary Angel got us started).

We had a bunch of categories – we were aiming to to something similar to what Dennis did with IndexTools, but for Social Media, and about all we had in place last year was the Wiki and a list of categories we’d cover plus committee members that would tackle different subjects.

Then we coordinated our work with the Standards Committee and now I can say, our two Committees are jointly able to create more than each of us separately (which is great).

Of course, to participate, you must be a WAA Member.



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