Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 11, 2008

WAA Board of Directors Nominees 2008

I’m happy the Web Analytics Association, whose Board of Directors I currently serve on, has announced the WAA Board of Directors Nominees 2008.

There are a lot of great people running for the WAA Board this year and it’s going to be interesting who gets elected or re-elected this time. Last year members could vote for all the candidates – and I bet it’ll be similar this year (but you don’t have to – just vote for whomever you think should be on the Board this year).

I personally nominated 3 of the members running

Marianini Chaplin Web Analytics Manager, Right Move

My sector is Practitioner. Currently, head of web analytics, site optimisation and seo for (and which is one of the ten most popular websites in the UK. Blogger, web analytics princess, former dotcom founder and CEO, on the WAA social media committee, mother, wife, half Colombian – half English and I have lived in London, Paris, New York, Bogota and San Jose.

What major contribution will I bring to the web analytics association and its membership?

My primary skill lies in analysis, research and optimisation. And it is what I am passionate about, using data driven strategy and insights to drive change that improves results. But over the last ten years, I have gained alot of experience in brand development and online marketing (automotive, retail, financial, web services and recruitment). And I would like to contribute by continuing to raise the profile of the the web analytics association and increase the number of members – primarily analysts, students and corporate members. I would like to promote usage of the WAA association social media platform and future mobile phone site to be analysed as social media usage experiments, and to able to share these findings, analyses and metrics with members and as part of it’s educational program.

Why should members vote for me?

When I first found out about web analytics, it was a revelation. Discovering what people were doing was the greatest gift to understanding what customer’s were doing that I had ever seen. I am truly passionate about web analytics and would like to bring that passion to the BOD as we see the hugest shift in user behaviour even seen. The exponential growth in social media which far exceeds growth in website usage – and the corresponding challenges on how to measure and analyse user behaviour as it interacts in ever more complex ways – is a hugely interesting challenge for the web analytics association. I would like to bring all my passion and experience to the WAA in it’s journey ahead as web analytics princess.

Where do you think the Web Analytics Association should be in the next two years?

In two years time, the web analytics association should develop into “the global” body for web analytics, social media and mobile phone analysis and optimisation There is a huge shift in web analytics from pure play websites to social media usage and mobile platform usage. I want the web analytics association to be the benchmark against which other online associations and web educational bodies benchmark against in the battle stay ahead in the online playground. We will have been at the vanguard of establishing standards and metrics in social media and mobile phone usage with our analysis, findings and metrics that will have also resulted in WAA’s base camps widening to include advanced web analytics and social media analytics courses using the live platforms that the WAA runs.

Rachel Scotto Executive Director, Market Research and CRM/Email Marketing, Interactive Division, Sony Pictures Entertainment

As a member of the Senior Staff of Sony Pictures Imageworks Interactive, Rachel oversees the Market Research and CRM teams. Imageworks Interactive functions as the full-service interactive agency and digital marketing arm of Sony Pictures Imageworks. Among others, this business unit supports the studio’s interactive efforts for the Theatrical, Television and Home Entertainment groups.

Rachel is primarily responsible for web analytics, online primary research, secondary research, CRM and email marketing. Prior to joining Sony Pictures, she held similar positions in market research and web analytics at Movielink, Creative Planet and Orion Pictures. She also worked at MarketCast, the entertainment research firm under Reed Business. Rachel graduated from the University of Virginia and also holds a JD from Washington and Lee School of Law.

What major contribution will you bring to Web Analytics Association and its membership?

I would bring 12 years of experience in the web analytics field. I was fortunate to have started this career in 1996 and I have used 5 different tracking tools at various companies. This has helped me learn of the challenges and needs of tracking websites, which in turn can serve to create solutions.

Why should members vote for you?

I am looking forward to getting more involved in the work of the Association in any manner I can best serve the analytics industry.

Where do you think the Web Analytics Association should be in the next two years?

  • Establish itself as the authority representing a unified voice in the industry in matters such as analytics definitions and tracking standards
  • Recruit more members to the association and encouraging involvement in the various committees
  • Continue to helping spread the education of the web analytics discipline in universities and through boot camps so that we train more qualified practitioners in this field
  • Work with our legislators on matters relating to Internet tracking so that we can be a self-regulating industry to balance the need of web marketers and the privacy of individuals

June Dershewitz
Vice President of Analytics, Semphonic

June Dershewitz enjoys helping companies improve their practice of web analytics. She held her first web analyst job at a San Francisco startup in 1999 and has worked in the field ever since. Between 2004 and 2007 she took freelance consulting assignments with enterprise clients such as Oracle, CNET, Wells Fargo and Blue Shield. In 2007 she joined the leadership team at Semphonic, a top web analytics consultancy. She has been a member of the Web Analytics Association since its inception in 2005, serving on the Education and Social Media Committees. As an original instigator of Web Analytics Wednesday, she continues to organize and attend WAW events throughout the Bay Area. She has spoken at conferences such as Emetrics, XChange and the Optimost Optimization Summit. She blogs at

What major contribution will you bring to Web Analytics Association and its membership?

I have spent most of my long career in web analytics as a practitioner, in the trenches, actually doing the work. With that experience under my belt, I bring first-hand knowledge of the challenges we face and the values we hold as web analysts. I have grown up with this field and now I want to help shape it.

My subject-level interests include web analytics career development, mentorship, education, community, local presence, and providing demonstrable benefit to all members.

Why should members vote for you?

I live up to high professional standards in all work I do, and I intend to bring these standards with me to the WAA Board:

  • I am 100% committed to active participation and follow-through. Since Board members are volunteers, I feel that this is especially important. We’re here because we want to be here, and we are as involved as we want to be. I want to be involved.
  • Ethical responsibility is very important to me and I will strive to do what’s right for our industry as a whole, with no preferential treatment of any strata, company or individual.
  • I am diplomatic, I enjoy bringing people together, and I am committed to the idea that we must work together to achieve the best for our field.
  • I will listen to what you have to say and take it seriously. I take pleasure in corresponding with all members of the web analytics community, and I will make sure that your input is given the attention it deserves.

Where do you think the Web Analytics Association should be in the next two years?

Our field is growing – there are more web analytics professionals every day. We must work to ensure that the WAA member base continues to grow along with our field, and, at the same time, we must provide existing members with benefit that will encourage continued involvement.

Our field is also evolving – the scope of what we do now is broader than it has been in the past. We must acknowledge this shift, forge connections with related associations, and remain open to new ideas. It’s important for the WAA to continue to represent the most current scope of our profession, and think forward to where it’s headed yet even further down the road.

Speaking as someone who has paid WAA membership dues out-of-pocket for 3 years running, I aim to ensure that, 2 years from now, membership carries the clout and offers the value that will justify the expense for every one of us.

In addition to the three candidates who I sponsored, above…

Enriqué Gonzales is on the Social Media Committee and has served it well and deserves my vote.

Enriqué Gonzales who is the Director/Manager, National Public Radio

Enrique J. Gonzales is committed to the emerging field that is web analytics. Since the earliest days of the Internet, he has used digital tracking and measurement to manage the on-line customer experience. He pioneered the Latino on-line space, launching the primary Hispanic forum on America Online in 1996 – HISPANIC Online. At that time, he used AOL’s internal tracking metrics to build a site twice recognized as an AOL Members’ Choice destination. As the medium has evolved, Gonzales has continued to pioneer in the field. At the Gannett Newspaper Division, he helped the publisher’s division transition from Web Trends log file analysis to Omniture page tags and took on the partial duties of analyst. At USA Today, he used testing and targeting to optimize an on-site light registration process. In 2006, he joined NPR’s digital media team to lead the analytics efforts of the broadcaster, developing standards for tracking media such as audio and video and podcasts. Gonzales continues to be committed to web analytics as a field and profession.What major contribution will you bring to Web Analytics Association and its membership?I will bring more than ten years experience in the digital media space as well as an in-depth understanding of tracking rich media and podcasts. Moreover, I will bring an understanding of segmentation and testing.Why should members vote for you?I am committed to the field and the association’s work in setting standards, building a community of practitioners, vendors and others as it impacts the customer experience in the digital space.Where do you think the Web Analytics Association should be in the next two years?I believe in two years, the association should develop certification for professionals and continue to adapt to changing technologies. In addition, the association must move beyond measuring internal metrics of a single site to greater understanding of brand experiences that live outside of a site such as RSS, widgets and social media. Finally, there should be additional focus on third party tracking services.

So, who to vote for? Vote for whomever you want but I’m personally endorsing those who are running whom I’ve nominated or part of the Social Media Committee and therefore suggest including votes for Marianini Chaplin, Rachel Scotto, June Dershewitz and Enriqué Gonzales.

Beyond that – there are so many great people on the Board of Directors now – I’d vote for all of them. But we’re talking about new people, who haven’t been on the Board before – and I will stand by the people who Served on my committee first and whom I’ve nominated.

By the way, my term does not expire till next year – and I plan to run again.



  1. Hi Marshall, nice Blog!
    As you say it going to be pretty hard this election since all the nominees are have a vast experience in Web Analytics and in different ways they provide their know how and experience to make this industry grow in quality and quantity.
    Good luck to Marianina (note that you wrote Marianini), Rachel and June…and off course the best for your next term 😉

  2. Hi Juan,

    Glad you like this blog – it’s all mine (unlike WMG, which I don’t own the domain). Yeah, it’s much more competitive this year than last – and I think it’ll be this way ongoing.

    Good luck on your running for the Board as well – are you coming to Emetrics SF in May?

    This year it’s really going to be interesting how it all turns out – more people are in the WAA now than ever, more people are running now too and good people, everyone is great.

    If your at any of the conferences I go to, please come up and say hello.


  3. Hi Marshall, I’m still planning which events will attend this year since I have lot work to do this year in Latam. I’m going to USA pretty often to visit clients, actually I’ll be in Miami and NY (visiting my company offices) in April so if you are near let me know and we can go out for a beer (or anything else). Drop me an email to juan at

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