Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 11, 2008

Political Blog readers tend to be older – Harris Poll

I like the chart, not sure yet about the data in it – from a post on Bloggers Blog titled – Political Blog Readers Skew Older with a chart showing  age group breakdown of political blog readership.

Political Blog Readership Chart from Harris Interactive The original source of the chart is the Hot Air blog.  According to Bloggers Blog:

“…One interesting part of the study is that political blog readers tend to be older than the typical blog reader – past blog studies have shown blogs are read more by young people. This study found that a higher percentage of baby boomers and seniors read ppolitical blogs than in the younger demographics. This is somewhat logical because many people don’t become interested until politics they are older.”

Just as the Harris Poll was released, another by ComScore says that Bloggers are Heavy Consumers of Content at News and Entertainment Web Sites

Heavy Bloggers are Heavy Consumers of News and Entertainment Content

For purposes of this study, heavy bloggers are defined as the heaviest 20 percent of blog visitors who account for 84 percent of all the time spent on blogging sites.Given that blogs can often be described as both informative and entertaining, it is not surprising that heavy users of blog sites are more likely than the average Internet user to consume news and entertainment content online. They are significantly more likely to consume content at politics and general news sites, and also consume a disproportionate amount of content on entertainment news, humor, movies and photo-sharing sites. 

Highest Site Category Engagement Among Heavy Bloggers

January 2008

Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations

Source: comScore Segment Metrix

Site  Category

Composition Index –

Page Views*

Total Internet






Web Hosting


Entertainment – News






Entertainment – Movies




General News




*Composition Index – Page Views = number of page views among heavy bloggers/number of page views among total Internet audience x 100; Index of 100 represents parity.

Those heavy blog readers tend to like  … Digg and PerezHilton.

Well, I don’t think everyone reads PerezHilton (I don’t).


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