Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 6, 2008

Is catering to Woman? (and what’s wrong with that)?

So wants to sell Woman’s Clothing – go all at as a Woman’s Portal? I know it was a misunderstanding – and I’m having fun with it – see a post in Marketing Pilgrim with reassuring us they Will “Continue to be a Great Search Engine”


The idea that we’re going to become a ‘women’s site’ is not correct,” says Graham. Ask says that the original AP report had an erroneous headline, and it’s pretty much been downhill from there.

But the reality is that:

what we’ve found from our research is that there’s a sizable group of our core user base that is women. This core audience comes for certain types of searches, certain categories—reference (dictionary, thesaurus, etc.), health and entertainment. Our new strategy is to focus on building up our ability to render good answers in those categories for our core audience.”

And what’s wrong with going more for attractiveness – wasn’t that what they were trying to do all along?

Heard they are taking the Butler out of storage and putting it back on the site – I wonder if the Ask Jeeves butler will be somehow “improved”, like he’s better than before, stronger and faster (where have I heard those lines before)?


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