Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 5, 2008

Omniture Site Catalyst improvements announced today

I would have liked to publish videos of Site Catalyst new features here – but I could not embed the videos and have them show up – so they’re all over at www. .

Bear in mind all of what I’ll link to now plays well with the Omniture Site Catalyst Implementation Toolkit I wrote about recently.

New Omniture Site Catalyst Enhancements part 1 – Video Segmentation and Measurement (you get the basic introduction – I presented the information as it was shown to me in the same order). Meanwhile, back at the ranch, New Omniture Site Catalyst Enhancements part 2 – Video Bubbles shows how easy it is to create custom reports if you know what your doing.

You get some of the new Social Media improvements to Site Catalyst in Omniture Site Catalyst New Features – part 3 – Community and Social Media and nifty import and export capabilities built around Excel in Omniture Site Catalyst New Features – part 4 – Excel Import and Export Enhancements. Also, while you view all this good stuff – remember that it helps to have expert advice, especially to deploy Omniture Site Catalyst to your best advantage – Since Omniture is investing in improving Site Catalyst – it seems to me that it’s worth making sure it’s deployed as well as it could be – and too often you have expensive tools that are under utilized because people don’t know how to set them up properly and the vendor (Omniture) is not familar enough with customer sites to be all that helpful.

If you buy it using the link provided – he Omniture Site Catalyst Implementation Toolkit, you get 10% off – Use code sponder1008


Brimming with guidance and best-practice advice for web analytics practitioners, web managers and developers, our Toolkit features:

• An 80-page Site Catalyst Implementation Guide overflowing with invaluable insights and solutions that Semphonic uncovered during a decade of performing Omniture implementations.
• A 20 Point Quality Assurance Checklist that prevents data inaccuracies before they happen and troubleshoots any that slip through.
• An Implementation Project Plan Excel Template that puts all the Site Catalyst implementation management tasks where they’re needed most: right in front of you in one easy-reference place!
• A Functional Specification Excel Template, the key documentation you need to map your custom requirements, metrics, and tag implementation.

Semphonic’s new Toolkit takes everything they’ve learned during hundreds of Omniture Site Catalyst implementations and countless audits of some of the world’s largest web sites and delivers it straight to your desktop.

That’s an important point as Semphonic has more hands on experience, I think, than any other vendor I’ve spoken to, on a wide variety of Web Analytics Tools and Methodologies – and is in a better position to come up with what is, essentially, an 80 page “cookbook” on how to deploy Site Catalyst.



  1. […] seen a real demo yet, but I wasn’t immediately impressed with what I saw on my friend Marshall’s blog.  Instead of quartile tracking, it seems like you track the playhead (the part of the video […]

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