Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 5, 2008

Just Contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign

I just did it – decided it was time. We’ll see what will happen next.

Thank you. Your contribution has been processed.

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Date: March 05, 2008 5:07 PM EST
Contact: Marshall Sponder
(address deleted by me)
Amount: $100.0

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Honestly, the Clinton years were good to me, I don’t have a lot to complain about in the mid-late 1990’s, and when I was out of work in 2001-2002, I met Hillary three or four times in New York and Washington DC, twice being within 10 feet of her.

When times were really hard, she, and Clinton’s were there for me and for people in New York.

I think it’s great that Barack Obama has mobilized people who’d not have voted before (and that he tapped into the desperation to stop Republicans from having another 4 years to wreck the world), but what has he actually done up to this point?

Not that anyone is prepared for being President – but listen – 8 years ago, some guy in Texas with a dubious past, somehow ended being Texas Governor 6 years before (but had not succeeded in much of anything in life before this – to the point that people “wiped his a$$ for him”) ran for President and won (probably using a combination of voting “irregularities” along with a highly organized network and a “cabal” to back them up .

But a lot of people liked this guy – he was much easier to look at – and while he wasn’t the best speaker around he was the kind of guy you’d like to have a drink with in a bar and he seemed more friendly and comfortable with himself than the other guy running, who was kind of Goring (or Gored).

When the election was really close, that guy had a lot of people demanding he be president even though he had next to no experience, really … just what little he did in Texas, and look what happened.

That guy – we’ve been stuck with for 8 years goes and makes War on people just because he’s got “gut feelings” it’s the right thing to do – and if reality doesn’t agree, he cooks the reality till it does.

Barack Obama is nothing like that – but there is a similarity in that Obama is “worshiped” in a way that’s similar to how many looked at W. – it’s hero worship and it’s dangerous to like some one to the point that you can’t critically look at them.

If for no other reason than that – I’d rather see Clinton leading the ticket. I don’t care if they speak well, or look Presidential – I want them to know what they’re doing and know why they are doing it.

Look, as soon as whomever is the next President gets in, the country will be tested againeasy – look what China did a few months after Bush was elected in 2001 … remember that incident with the US Plane that got caught in Chinese Airspace .. what do you think all that was really about?

When someone gets elected that doesn’t much experience and no track record –  it’s an open invitation for all America’s friends and foes to “kick the tires” and see what the limits and parameters of the new administration is going to have and openly display.

We’re moving into a World Recession, the Ice Caps are melting, the monetary system in the United States is weakened – the World Monetary System is weakened, Nuclear Weapons stashed around all over the place, and a War with no good options – and we want to elect another person who is “untested”?

I don’t know about you, but no matter how many times I chant “Obama”, “Obama”, it’s not doing it for me.  Do they hope it’ll hypnotize us to vote for him?  Hasn’t the last 8 years thought us something yet?  Do we have to repeat this again?  Can we even afford to?

And as far as the next administration being tested – Expect it.

Do you want another person in the White House that even gives the impression they’ll make decisions based on their “gut” (I don’t think Obama would, but he might give that impression).

I’m not saying “gut feelings” should not be consulted when you  make decisions – hell, sometimes that’s all you got to go on  -but you don’t run government on “gut feelings” or else you’ll have another version of what we have now – a big mess.


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