Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 5, 2008

At the NY Tech Meetup in the IAC building tonight

I was at the NY Tech Meetup today at the IAC building in lower Manhattan. Last year I discovered the IAC Building as I got done meeting with a woman from GumShoe, a Art partnership at a nearby hotel restaurant. I saw the building as I left the hotel and was drawn to it – but till last night – I had not entered it.

There’s the giant screen that sits behind the Security Desk at the IAC building; you can’t zoom in though (not that you’d need to) but it’s fun looking at whatever they want to project on the screen, like a giant globe.

Took a picture of Grace Yang of Price Waterhouse Coopers in front of the IAC screen (below)


Here were the speakers:

1. Jordan Goldberg… (coming from Yale)
2. Peter Deitz http://socialactions…. (coming from Montreal)
3. Jesse Richards…
4. Paul Miller http://schoolofeveryt… (coming from London)
5. Andrew Mason… (coming from Chicago)
6. Clay Shirky…

And here are my notes, written using Twitter:

On my way over to the NY Tech Meetup… at the IAC building on 18th street and 12 Ave

The new IAC building has been around for close to a year and is unique and modern looking, very distinctive – facing Chelsea Piers.




on my way out now

here at IAC building, inside it; i have wanted to go inside this structure for a year, since it was first built

ran into a coworker.from here tonight and one of the presenters is from Fastweb and used to work at, jason rapp, was talking about a lot of virtual world stuff

this meetup is focusing on the Future of Organizing offers user into a commitment contract

I can see the problem with is interesting program, it doesn’t tie into anyone else, but you can place money on your commitments. Jesse Richards, looking at a few new features of

talking about “Meetups in the Making”

it reduces the anxiety of starting a new group by showing others who are also interested in the same subject

@tamar I’ll be at SESNY and live blogging and Tweeting, I could do some posts if your interested in reply to tamar

@tamar I will email rustybrick about it, thanks, and or you can mention it to him in reply to tamar


someguy is standing up here from London who is talking about the “School of Everything”

here comes Everybody, Clay Shirky is here In front of me

clay is going to talk about his new book that is coming out this week

his book is for non techies and what is happening in society and collaborative action


in the past customers could not self organize and take collective action


what’sa different about the past and now? blogs


thinking is for doing …media is not just for information but a url for collective action about 5 hours ago from web


Flashmobs 2003, brain dead hpster culture


@conversationagent within 20 feet


everyone is rushing to denounce every new collaborative tool, like Twitter…ha, ha, ha


he’s talking about Polamo Italy now


and how collective action was fighting the Mafia


this is a pretty damn good talk he gave


question about the election where he says people are using collaborative tools well but unimaginatively


the tools are not really being used much differently than 2004, just more effectively, but not much better


now there’s a panel with questions


question? is it all just a fad? how can it be if no one much is doing it yet


and yet, as new as it is, people have always been doing it


question? how do you measure effectiveness? interactions and conversations that would not have happened otherwise


also, when people achieve their goals.


in a screen before me is projected this saying


media is moving from a source of information to a source of action


question… how to you get people to even know about your sites?


I guess Clay Shirky is sneaking out before the panel is over


that’s ok though it would nice to have introduced myself and say hello, next time


it’s pretty much over now but people are going to hang out and speak, ask questions for about 20, 30 minutes



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