Posted by: Marshall Sponder | March 3, 2008

Microsoft adCenter Analytics just announced – Gatineau renamed, enhanced

Just got word from Lies Damned Lies blog that Goodbye Gatineau, hello… Microsoft adCenter Analytics; personally I don’t care for either name but I can’t imagine anyone connecting much with Gatineau and why would you name an analytics platform after a city hardly anyone knows about (wouldn’t that suggest a web analytics platform that hardly anyone knows about or uses?).

With Microsoft adCenter Analytics, on the other hand, it sounds like Microsoft gave up trying to make it’s analytics package something anyone would want to use and focused on adCenter Users – I think that’s a mistake (but that’s just my opinion).

So, calling Microsoft adCenter Analytics – MAA (for short); MAA is now free and allows you to import Google AdWords and Yahoo Panama data into paid campaign tracking along with your adCenter campaigns. MAA also allows you to track conversion events happening on site (reminds me of KewyordMax in allowing not only the conversion but the type (paid, organic, campaign, direct, etc).

I’ve seen the treemap before but had not really done anything with it, now includes Visits and Bounce Rate of the top pages being shown.

There’s a very good site tagging tool Microsoft produced that does automatic tagging of your pages, all you have to do is provide it with the ftp login/password, point it to the right directories where the HTML files reside and it does the rest.

Idea: What if Microsoft’s Autotagging tool did more than just tag for MAA?  What if it tagged Google Analytics too – making it much easier and then offered to install adCenter Analytics along with Google Analytics – that would shake up things a bit for Google if Microsoft did a good job of making the Autotagging tool intelligent.

Definitely a lot of new stuff that should make MAA or Microsoft adCenter Analytics more appealing; that’s along with all the integration it provides with adCenter data.

Perhaps the next step it to go on Google’s turf and turn that auto tagging tool into the an easy way to enhance Google Analytics by running them side by side on the same site, comparing them and then, if people really like MAA, switching over.



  1. Marshall,

    Thanks for the write-up. Gatineau wasn’t ever an official product name for our analytics effort – just a code name. Microsoft has a long history of using city names as product code names (for example, Chicago was the codename for Windows 95).

    As you point out, adCenter Analytics is now free. So there’s nothing requiring anyone to buy paid search in order to get access to the analytics, which should broaden the appeal, not restrict it.

    That’s an interesting idea about us enabling our autotagging tool to deploy GA tags. Don’t hold your breath.


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