Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 29, 2008

The Analytics of Who is Sick

I found an interesting reference to a new Google Mashup called “Who is Sick” – and the Analytics of “Who is Sick“. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Who is Sick” is in some way related to Google Health being rolled out in a very limited way – I don’t know if there is a direct connection or not.

I heard about “Who is Sick” from a blog called In These Times in a post titled The New Cartographers What does it mean to map everything all the time?

And what does it mean?

“..Amateur geographers are assigning coordinates to everything they can get their hands on—and many things they can’t. “Locative artists” are attaching virtual installations to specific locales, generating imaginary landscapes brought vividly to life in William Gibson’s latest novel, Spook Country. Indeed, proponents of “augmented reality” suggest that soon our current reality will be one of many “layers” of information available to us as we stroll down the street.”

There’s quite a lot in the post The New Cartographers What does it mean to map everything all the time? – and I don’t have the “time” to process it all – but the meaning of mapping is changing, as the post/article points out:

“…We no longer go to maps to find out where we are. Instead, we tell maps where we are and they form around us on the fly.”

A lot of intelligence is going into the maps which are being created from mash ups of available information with the implication they’ll influence our decisions.

BTW, you can see the Analytics of Who is Sick in the pie chart to the right of the map.

And you can drill down on any of the symptoms with the map changing to reflect the symptom.

So what would you use this for?  An outbreak of a contagious disease?  Perhaps – and the decision to avoid a place where a disease is reported, if you can.  Maybe.   I guess that’s how I’d use it.

Similar types of mashups have been put in place for road traffic, housing prices, etc.

Probably the best use of mashups like Who is Sick would be on a Mobile Device so you can get the information in a timely way that impacts the decisions you need to make on a daily basis.


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