Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 28, 2008

MediaWiki’s Social Profile extends White Label Social Networking

While label social networking, Wiki Style, took a step forward with MediaWiki’s SocialProfile extension – a good write up of SocialProfile was done at Read/WriteWeb in a post titled Wikia Open Sources Social Networking – Focused Networking Now Open to All

“… The ability to set up an Open Source social network is now available to anyone who can put a Mediawiki install on their servers. Look out Ning and other proprietary social networking platforms!

You can see Wikia’s social networking features live at the popular sports community ArmchairGM (acquired by Wikia for $2m) and the newly re-launched Halopedia, a community for Halo fans.”

“…it could impact the social news and networking economy overall. We wrote earlier this week that the big social news aggregator model (Digg, Yahoo! Buzz) is vulnerable to market share erosion at the hands of niche social news sites. The same can be said for the big, general interest social networking sites. While most users will probably always want some presence on big sites, the potential is there to have the majority of communication online occur in a targeted niche community of people interested in and informed about the specific topics that an individual is interested in.”

Well, I don’t know yet what kind of impact SocialProfile will have but I doubt it’s going to cut into sales of KickApps (which powers WAASOCIAL)  or any of the other Social Network platforms I talked with at the Social Networking Conference in Miami I attended earlier this month.

On the other side of it, just because a site offers Social Networking Tools, doesn’t mean they can build a community in every case.


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