Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 27, 2008

Social Networks that promise more than they deliver

I’ve been using for a couple months since they came out with their recommendations engine update but lately I’ve found Going to be more frustrating for what it attempts to deliver, but doesn’t. In addition, many of the events turn out to be paid parties that are advertised using Social Networks (I suppose I can’t stop that) but I take most of this kind of advertisement as “noise” and rarely as anything I’d want to go to or have fun at.

And while I’ve spent a good deal of time selecting events I like and those I don’t, the engine does not appear to be learning anything new about me or what I like (that was one thing it claimed it could do, though). also seems to be giving me Boston events even though I live in New York City.

That got me thinking of how Social Media could backfire if it’s not delivering what people came for – which might be why some are tanking on Social Media and Social Networks.

However, I think Social Networks are very useful and I belong to several and Social Media is just in it’s infancy – I think Social Networks will continue to evolve way past what they are now.


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