Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 26, 2008

WebTrends pressuring HBX customers to switch to WebTrends OnDemand

Interesting bit of news here which I picked up from the Yahoo Web Analytics message board that WebTrends getting aggressive to switch HBX customers and the original story is from a press release on the WebTrends site titled: WebTrends Offers Current HBX Customers Migration Opportunity To Buy One Year of Analytics and Get One Year Free Under “Easy Switch” Program

 “..The Easy Switch program allows HBX customers to transition to WebTrends Analytics and leverage their existing investment so that they can move forward with their online marketing programs with confidence. Once they make the switch, new WebTrends customers will be able to re-focus on building online campaigns, creating an engaging Web site experience and connecting with their online visitors to deliver marketing success and greater brand awareness. Real-time insight into campaign performance, and accurate metrics that track visitors across domains, empower WebTrends customers to determine the most effective and efficient way to present and deliver their products across the world.”

There’s so many companies getting consolidated these days that I’m getting confused who owns who.   Doesn’t Omniture own HBX (WebSideStory)?   So isn’t this war?  Or would Omniture rather get rid of HBX and is happy to have WebTrends take those customers off their hands.

What do you think?



  1. So, basically WT is offering their On Demand product for free for a year, which to me further validates what little value the product offers. I know WT has had one heck of a time getting their installed base of customers to adopt On Demand. I don’t get it. I might expect it the tactic from the likes of Coremetrics (which they are trying with their 800 lb gorilla campaign) or another smaller player, but from WT It just seems to smack of desperation.

  2. Chris,

    Way to smear two companies at once.

    You should at least let other readers know that you working for Omniture.

  3. Hmm…

    I just want to weigh in – I am not wild about either platform – HBX or WebTrends onDemand.

  4. Both platforms have issues – not going to disagree with that point.

  5. In my adventures:) with clients I have seen WebTrends deliver reporting that was quite impressive and that HBX, Omniture or Core Metrics simply couldn’t deliver. On the other hand I have seen WebTrends clients leveraging the same WebTrends OnDemand platform getting crap! Of course that is where us consultants make our coin, right!!!!:)
    Anyway, my point is that WebTrends has a great platform if deployed correctly, not unlike SiteCatalyst, Core Metrics or HBX.
    I was the one who made the post on the Analytics forum and still believe it is a sweet deal!
    Making an educated guess, which I am not all that educated:) I would have to think that WebTrends is looking at this long term. If you think about it, HBX customers are ripe for the pickings and more likely to adopt WebTrends or Core Metrics or Site Catalyst since they have to move off the platform. Getting a normal analytics client to switch to your solution costs money with Sales and Marketing anyway so this is a great and aggressive move by both WebTrends and Core Metrics. Kudos to both of them.

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