Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 26, 2008

Grab Widgets (and measure them too) – from WidgetGirl

Are Widget Grabs the most popular metric in Widget Analytics? widgetgirl thinks so –

“..This is a core metric to understanding widget effectiveness – the number of times a widget is viewed and grabbed (grab rate – ooh, there’s another good one), and how well you are converting visitors who just view the widget to visitors who grab the widget. Getting clarity around how widgets spread and how to quantify that spread is what the analytics team at Clearspring’s mission is. It isn’t always easy, but with much debate comes clarity….at least that’s the goal.

“…People love these phrases – “grab my widget”, “he grabbed my widget”, “they grabbed the widget”….or any derivation thereof. This is why I am thinking we need to just take the term “placements” (which will still have it’s place in the Clearspring lexicon) and call them “Grabs” when it denotes a visitor performing an action to create a new placement of a widget. It is a verb, right? Once those placements (or Grabs) are being actively viewed by visitors, we can then defer back to just calling them “placements”.”

Yeah, and what did “they” do with your Widget?

Interesting how “grabbing” a widget is so “physical”. It’s almost as if we determine how we’re going to deal with the “online world” by how we deal in the physical world we live in.

I suppose we could extend the idea to the Egyptians, who used to entomb Pharoah in a sealed pyramid with all the things they enjoyed in life – as if the afterlife was as physical as the present life. Noticed the same thing with Second Life and other 3D Virtual Worlds – people often had Food and Drink in Virtual Worlds – even though the Avatars don’t require any food.

In the same way, we’ve tended to Grab Widgets the way we’d grab other physical objects (or body parts) even though what we’re actually “grabbing” is just a construct, in this case, a handle to a Widget.


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