Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 25, 2008

Social Media promising as a job recruitment tool – Classified Intelligence, LLC

I got a report today that’s hardly private, but it sounded that way, by Classified Intelligence LLC, on Social Nets and Niche Employment Sites Likely To Snag Most Employer Dollars – see some of the findings below:

The report is titled Recruitment Advertising: Moving in New Directions  and has the following findings:

 Authors: Classified Intelligence and ERE
Number of Interviews: 170+ (Recruiters, Hiring Mangers, VPs)
Methodology: Respondents ranked a variety of recruiting methods on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 = very effective and 1 = very ineffective
Key Findings:
·         Respondents said employee referral programs provided the best results, followed by niche recruitment sites and national recruitment sites.
·         National sites (Monster, CB and HJ) received a score of 3.2.
·         Social networking sites received a 2.6 rating, but recruiters remain enthusiastic about them.  Of all the social networking sites, LinkedIn was the most widely used among the respondents.
·         Respondents are increasingly frustrated with the number of unqualified and, in many cases, “bogus” resumes they receive from all recruitment sites.
·        Several recruiters said HotJobs seemed to have become more effective recently, which may mean that Yahoo’s alliances with US newspapers is helping it generate improved results.
·         88% of the respondents said they planned to spend the same or more on National recruiting sites in 2008, while 12% said they would cut spending with them.
·         Respondents said they spent about 41% more on social-networking sites in 2007 than in 2006, and 61% of those answering said they planned to spend even more in 2008.
·        Classified Intelligence believes that as social networking sites become more mainstream, their effectiveness will likely rise.

I pay more attention to this kind of information now that I’m working for


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