Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 25, 2008

New Sempo Board of Directors

I suppose SEMPO and the WAA are really sister organizations (and it would be great, one day, if a member sat on both Boards simultaneously – to better coordinate the overlapping missions); of course, that won’t happen anytime soon since the SEMPO just announced the 2008 Board of Directors and some people I know are on the Board:

  • Chris Boggs – SEO Manager, eMergent Marketing / Brulant, Inc.
  • Jessica Bowman – In-House SEO Expert
  • Massimo Burgio – Global Search Expert, Global Search Interactive
  • Bruce Clay – President, Bruce Clay, Inc.
  • Dave Fall – VP Product Management – Search Technology, DoubleClick, Inc.
  • Duane Forrester – Senior Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Sara Holoubek Free Agent Consultant
  • Gord Hotchkiss – President, Enquiro Search Solutions, Inc.
  • Bill Hunt – CEO, Global Strategies International
  • Ron Jones – President and CEO, Symetri Internet Marketing
  • Kevin Lee – Executive Chairman, Didit
  • Jeffrey Pruitt – Executive Vice President, iCrossing
  • Dana Todd – Chief Marketing Officer, Newsforce

I know 5 of the thirteen Board members, one fairly well, Bill Hunt and a couple of others I’ve had meetings with on occasions and probably most I’ll see at SES NY next month.

One thing that’s different about SEMPO’s board, they’re elected for one year terms, while the WAA has two year terms for the Board of Directors – I’m going on to my second year starting in May; then I’ll run again (and I hope I get re-elected in 2009).

Some of the SEMPO new Board Members I get along well with, like Bill Hunt and Dana Todd, and some, like Bruce Clay, I’ve never really been on the same wavelength with.

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