Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 25, 2008

Download Steve Rubel’s thoughts about Blogging and Social Media

You can do it right here but if you want to read about all the Online Marketing Heroes: Interviews with 25 Successful Online Marketing Gurus you need to wait till March 10th, 2008 when the book will be released to the public.

I bet anything Steve Rubel will be plugging the book at Search Engine Strategies next month in NYC, since it’s going to happen right after the book is published.

Here’s a couple of points that Steve Rubel makes:

• Technology works best when it takes on a do-it-yourself character—
and when it becomes free.

• Google’s free search has replaced the PR professional’s traditional paid
research tools.

• Generation Y is abandoning earlier technology, such as email, in
favor of text messaging, instant messaging, and social network communication.

• To take advantage of social networking, figure out where you and
your community overlap and how they want to communicate.

• Going forward, the concept of community is the common element
running through all online media and technologies.

To get more download the chapter and then buy the book, and I will (unless I get a free copy).


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