Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 22, 2008

Be Engaging like Alfred Hitchcock

I always wonder when someone comes up with a post like 11 Ways to Market Like Hitchcock (from ConversationAgent) if there really are 11 ways – or was it 10, or 15?   I guess I don’t know, but Valeria Maltoni’s post struck a note in me because the one thing I remember about Alfred Hitchcock is that he appeared in every one of his movies.

Alfred Hitchcock’s  unique signature – one way he stood out – was to appear in every movie and I believe the point of 11 Ways to Market Like Hitchcock is to find a way, like Hitchcock did, of standing out so that people engage with you (or the brand) and keep it “top of mind”.

Just the idea of being able to take Hitchcock and come up with 11 ways to be engaging – well, that in itself, stands out.

Now it’s time for me to really go to bed – it’s snowing and the ground is all white.

One thing that comes top of mind to me tonight – or this morning (as you have it) is Blogger Social 08 which is all sold out – you can’t register for it any longer but I’m looking at the list of bloggers going – some of whom I know personally, but most of whom I don’t know at all – that I’m going to make a point of reading each one of their blogs before meeting them.

Why? It’ll help the conversation between us if I know something about who they are – and that’s one way to be engaging.  Of course, I won’t have time to read all that much of any one’s blog  – but if I could read perhaps the top 3 posts of every blogger at Blogger Social 08 (if I could determine which one’s I believed were their top posts), I think I’d get even more out of the meetings I’ll have.

And now I’m really going to bed!


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