Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 20, 2008

Bill Gates – give me Yahoo’s Brains – forget the rest

Why would you pay 40 Billion dollars for a couple of Scientists?   I didn’t know Yahoo’s brain trust was “that good” – am I missing something only Bill Gates knows?  Look at Gates On Yahoo Acquisition: It’s The Engineers We Want on Search Engine Land.

Bill Gates is quoted as saying (in a post titled Gates on Yahoo: It’s the people in CNET)

“…As you get more scale of engineering you can just pursue that agenda more rapidly. Yes, the advertisers and the number of end users is good, but we’d put the people and the engineering as the key thing.”

 “..We think the combination with Yahoo would accelerate things in a very exciting way because they do have great engineers and they have done a lot of great work.”

If it were just the engineers they wanted – they could probably spend 100 million dollars and hire any group at Yahoo they wanted – and they’d have money left over.

Obviously, this story is over simplified – there’s probably a bunch of patents that Microsoft will get along with the company and the engineers.

Any thoughts on this?


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