Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 19, 2008

Omniture Site Catalyst Implementation Toolkit from Semphonic

Haven’t worked with Omniture Site Catalyst all that much – and honestly, I can say that Site Catalyst, along with the Data Warehouse and Discover 2.0, can do just about anything you’d want a from a Web Analytics tool – but not easily.

That’s right – not easily – it’s tough setting up Omniture (this guide shows you how)- most of the platforms are very hard and tedious to set up and more often than not – they’re not set up properly to gather the data you wanted and bought Site Catalyst for, in the first place. I see that so often with expensive Web Analytics tools that aren’t working because they’ve been mis configured – or maybe the business goals were never properly identified and the urls/actions one could take, never tracked.

The Implementation Toolkit for Omniture Site Catalyst (which I’m an affiliate for – just want to mention my involvement as to be totally above board here) is the first independent reference that ensures complete and accurate site data collection.

If you buy it using the link above, you get 10% off – Use code sponder1008


Brimming with guidance and best-practice advice for web analytics practitioners, web managers and developers, our Toolkit features:

• An 80-page SiteCatalyst Implementation Guide overflowing with invaluable insights and solutions that Semphonic uncovered during a decade of performing Omniture implementations.
• A 20 Point Quality Assurance Checklist that prevents data inaccuracies before they happen and troubleshoots any that slip through.
• An Implementation Project Plan Excel Template that puts all the SiteCatalyst implementation management tasks where they’re needed most: right in front of you in one easy-reference place!
• A Functional Specification Excel Template, the key documentation you need to map your custom requirements, metrics, and tag implementation.

Semphonic’s new Toolkit takes everything they’ve learned during hundreds of Omniture Site Catalyst implementations and countless audits of some of the world’s largest web sites and delivers it straight to your desktop.

That’s an important point as Semphonic has more hands on experience, I think, than any other vendor I’ve spoken to, on a wide variety of Web Analytics Tools and Methodologies – and is in a better position to come up with what is, essentially, an 80 page “cookbook” on how to deploy Site Catalyst.

Here’s one thing I already found to know about the Data Warehouse:

Reporting Details
Data Warehouse is used to define population segments and pull data pertaining to only that segment. For example, you can build page, visit and visitor based segments and use these segments in combination with the standard reports available through SiteCatalyst. Reports may contain one “breakdown” variable like browser or entry page, or variable combinations (such as all browser types associated with each entry page), and they may utilize either one or no segments. Omniture requires up to 72 hours to process a Data Warehouse report, but most reports will process much faster. Omniture will only process one report at a time per license, so if there are other Data Warehouse users within your company that submit reports in front of yours you will be forced to “wait in line.”

Data Warehouse is the most flexible data-extraction method in Omniture, allowing an almost limitless number of cuts at the data.

Data Warehouse requests come back as raw, unformatted data, and are thus not ideal for distribution. They can be very large files, sometimes too large for MS Excel. Interpreting Data Warehouse requests can also require more advanced training in Omniture. Finally, the lag time involved in processing Data Warehouse requests makes it unsuitable for on-the-spot reporting.

When to Utilize
Data Warehouse should be used when Discover is not available to you, but you need a flexible segmentation tool. Data Warehouse is probably best suited for repeatable reporting that you are confident you want, like passing along success events data for your Google campaigns to the media buyer. It is also possible to use this tool for analysis purposes, however, it can be very frustrating to wait 72 or more hours to find that the data is uninteresting or not what you are looking for!



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