Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 19, 2008

Is Web Analytics dying and is it going to be dead (and reborn) in 5 years?

I don’t really know if Web Analytics is dead. Long live Web Analytics but it certainly has caught my attention that what we call Web Analytics today, might soon be absorbed into other kinds of analytics (which is most likely a good thing as Web Analytics data doesn’t help you much if you can’t apply it – unique visitors, visits, etc – don’t do much for you because they don’t supply business intelligence).

In 5 years will all Web Analytics software be free?  Maybe, but I’ll bet you’ll be charged for something – whatever Web Analytics is rolled up into.

For the Web Analyst, the implications are, based on Ian Thomas post at Web Analytics Demystified, is the analyst will evolve into a business specialist – which, to some extent, they already are.

I’m finding that whenever I look at the data, I need to also understand the business that generated that data – in order to know what the data means (or might mean).

I debated commenting on Ian’s post, but decided not too – I’d like to wait and see what some others have to say first, before jumping in with my own two cents.


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