Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 18, 2008

The Long Tail of Politics

I found the Long Tail of Chris Anderson means a lot of different things depending on what your talking about. For example

Publisher/Advertiser – #, appearance of ads on sites

Corporate Portal         – # of internal search terms with 1 visit per week/month

Online Commerce       – # infinite number of items to sell

Political Campaigns     – # of small contributors (100 bucks)

I guess you could apply the Long Tail to political campaigns as detailed in Read/WriteWeb – The Birth of the Political Long Tail

“…We’ve noted on ReadWriteWeb before how Obama and Paul have used the Internet to successfully build a grassroots campaign and raise lots of money. Of the record $32 million that Obama raised in January, $28 million was via the Internet, and 90% from small donations under $100 each. “That’s a whole new paradigm for fund raising,” we wrote. “Rather than chase $2,300 checks from a few hundred rich people at lavish fundraisers (okay, they still do that), campaigns can more easily focus on collecting thousands of smaller donations from regular people that add up to the same amount (or more).”

“The rise of the Obama Campaign tells us that Scale Matters. It means that The Long Tail is validated (in politics at least),” says Garcia. “It also means that size doesn’t matter after all; rather, it is the quantity that matters. Scale Matters.”

Just wanted to point out the Long Tail means a lot of different things – I think it’s great that campaigns can be funded by the Long Tail, btw.


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