Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 18, 2008

Mac users are snobs and PC users are cheaper

I saw this video earlier today and meant to write about it – maybe life distracted me or I’m still a PC person (with some Mac leanings – I own an iPod Touch) who doesn’t like to be labeled as “cheap”. I saw the video first on Gizmodo.

In fact, the idea of Mac User over PC User is an introduction to Geo-Demographics (which seems implied by the video, above) and begs further investigation – here goes.

using Microsoft AdLabs Demographic Prediction tool

Query: Mac User
Gender: Male-oriented, with the following confidence:
Age: <18

Query: PC user
Gender: Male-oriented, with the following confidence:
Age: 18~24

I don’t see much difference here – though Microsoft’s tool might not be all that accurate either. Or maybe it’s an advertising ploy to get us to buy more Mac Computers so we’ll seem more cool.



  1. […] wrote about a new study- Mac users are snobs and PC users are cheaper- published by The Street and popularized using a new video that shows Mac Users as being more […]

  2. Doesn’t this video really just say that Mac users seem to have lots more money to throw around.

    The spin on this could easily go the other way. Instead of PC users being “cheap”, perhaps its that Mac users represent a wealthier, “elitist” segment of the market.

    In fact, “elitist” doesn’t quite go far enough in describing them. Mac lovers often seem more akin to “cultists”.

  3. I’m with Jay. The typical Mac users I’ve seen online as well as in life are either wealthier than their peers, or go far out of their budgets to own a Mac.

    I’m also with you Marshall! The whole Mac vs PC debate isn’t really a useful comparison. Apple is a company, and to some extent an OS. There are lots of different companies who make different PCs. But since you can run any OS off any computer these days, the OS/hardware vendor relationship has become similar to the way the PC market always has been.

    When it comes down to it, if you buy Apple hardware products you are throwing a chunk of money at them for the name and the visual design, and that chunk of money could be used for hardware.

    And you should see how Apple cultists go pale when you mention Apple’s Greenpeace score history.

  4. I don’t agree I’m a Mac User and I own a $3200 iMac and I’m a little cheap sometimes but I see my self now buying organic food and buying whitning stuff AHH what am I becoming!
    so it might be true ;(

  5. You say elitist like it’s a bad thing. What was that book a few years back, In Defense of Elitism? Not that it’s all good, I’m just saying…

    Me? I buy most of my computers used, and they have all been Macs after 1994.

    My 1st computer was a used 64K DOS machine that I bought off of the Recycler in 1986 for $50. Big (5″?) floppies, literally turn-key – with a real key!! I used it to write. When it needed repair, I had to search the BBS postings (also in the Recycler) and attend old-school techie meetings to find someone to fix it (typically cool old guys in white shirts, who were into UFOs and model trains, and who had known the machine’s inventors.) Eventually it went up in smoke – for reals. fZZszzzst!

    Later I bought another PC (pre-web), which I didn’t use much before swapping it out for a tan, used Mac from my brother, in ’94. That was how I accessed the web (not counting the notes we swapped in the Mt. Holyoke computer lab, over the modem, to the guys at Dartmouth in 1981. They kept asking us to send pictures, and we thought they were nuts. None of us called it email.)

    I originally got on the Mac since I work as a video editor (though then it was mostly film, with some video integration, & mostly just record-keeping at that.) Mac was just the lingua franca, and I had to get with it. But once I saw the ease of the interface, that was it for me.

    Since then I’ve been fully Mac, but still mostly on used machines, unless someone else was footing the bill (read: souped-up laptops and whistles-and-bells FCP & Avid bays.) I’ll surf around a PC if I have to, but it sure feels clunky.

    I can do my own support for the most part, mostly self-taught, but then hand it over to the pro’s when it comes to stuff like setting up LANs and so forth.

    I don’t play video games, but I’ve been thinking about it, maybe soon.

    I’ve never been hacked to my knowledge, though I have run Norton from time to time. I surf with Firefox.

    So, cheap, female, post-PC, Mac user here.

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