Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 16, 2008

Cloud Computing goes up in smoke as Amazon S3 Cluster goes down

Attending as many conferences as I have, the next wave of computing has been discussed – especially at LeWeb3, last year, where Dave Winer mentioned it.

The famous “Cloud” or Cloud Computing, would give us infinite computing power at a lower cost. Yet I know of only one service that’s totally running off a Cloud and that’s Cruxy.

Cruxy has no servers – it just pays Amazon as it’s bandwidth gets used more.

But is Cloud Computing ready for a large scale migration over to it? I don’t think so, judging by a story on GigaOM -Amazon S3 Storage Service Goes Down, Still Not Up.

“…This outage, one of the first large-scale problems to hit Amazon, shows that a lot of work needs to be done before we can completely rely on the cloud. As I have often said, we are running the 21st century web on infrastructure that was dreamed up in the 1990s, long before the web’s current scale. Still, that doesn’t take away my long-standing enthusiasm for Amazon’s web services strategy.”

Here’s a recent online video of a panel discussion on Cloud Computing that happened last month which will bring you up to date on Cloud Computing – if you have 90+ minutes to watch it.



  1. While a service outage is never welcome, Amazon S3 was only down for a very short amount of time. You headline is a bit over the top, but that’s what good bloggers do, right?

    The other side of the story is that this outage began and ended while I was on an airplane flight, with zero involvement or effort by any Cruxy staff. It just got fixed and fast. I’ve heard more about it from pundits and bloggers than our customers or other developers.

  2. Thanks Nathan!

    Yeah, your company,, is the only one I know personally, that was on the S3 Cloud entirely, and it sounds like the service interruption was brief – was curious about it.



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