Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 14, 2008

Visual Sciences – pretty interesting what I’ve learnt so far

Don’t have time right now to write down all that I’m learning or will learn about Visual Sciences (or what Omniture has renamed it to be) but I will say what I like so far:

  • You can work off a local cashed copy of the data on your workstation and do the majority of your work (say on a train).
  • You can create segments with incredible precision with an almost unlimited number of dimensions.
  • To a large extent – Visual Sciences solves the problems of data scalability that Omniture is running into by providing an ASP service – and the platform, overall, is more powerful and flexible.
  • You can read in and overlay a lot of different data sources – almost no limit.
  • Real time processing
  • You own the data – that’s a significant difference than what happens with the ASP model.

I’ll write a bit more on VS later – in future posts.


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