Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 13, 2008

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As a result of my Meetup talk and presentation last night – I was written about by’s Kevin Heisler today.  Here’s a copy of my presentation that you can download – Download SEOSEMWebAnalytics.ppt (1070.5K)

Kevin wrote:

“.. Long Tail Search Analytics, Visual Sciences, HitTail

A good cross-section of new and veteran SEO (define) experts met at the Aspen Lounge, where Marshall Sponder of gave a presentation on Google Analytics for search. He outlined some of the shortcomings of Google Analytics for large enterprise clients. After his talk, he caught a train to Maynard, Massachusetts for a couple days of Visual Sciences training.

His preso was complemented by Hachette Filipacchi’s Mike Levin, who gave an excellent overview of HitTail analytics, then did a deep dive into referrer data — the most overlooked element of site analytics. Mike recommended setting aside a couple hours one day — not every day — to save referrer data from human (not bots) in an Excel spreadsheet. Then, cut and paste the Google referrer data, for example, into a browser to see how visitors found your site.

The audience in any Manhattan meet-up reflects the diversity of the city. Last night was no exception. Bernie Crawley, a veteran of SES San Jose, was there. Bernie’s a construction worker and a card-carrying member of his union. He’s building another high-rise tower in Times Square, so he doesn’t have the time he’d like to devote to SEO, the stuff he really likes to do.

Bernie built a Web site for his wife, who runs an online business, Discount Wedding Favors. Bernie grew up in the Bronx. You can meet him at SES New York. In a war against the search engines,

Really tired tonight – about to call it a night – can barely keep my eyes open in cold, icy, Boxbourgh, Mass.


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