Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 8, 2008

Marshall Sponder’s Art – Sketchbooks

Web Analytics is an art for me – but I’m also an artist and write to a blog I’ll soon own – – I hope you’ll visit it soon.   Been so busy traveling and speaking lately that I haven’t had much chance to paint – but I do sketch whenever I can and here’s some of my sketches.

Traveling Alot this week – a new sketch and some others

Yet some more sketches – part two

Some more sketches, one more time – in fact, all for now

Here’s some of my favorite drawings to wet your interest in New York Art and my blog –

Sad after returning from Paris


Longing and needing to know in Philadelphia which all comes to naught

I was in Phila shortly to meet someone that was important to me at the time – as I sat in the station, beholding a large stature (above), while waiting for her, was moved to draw it.

Brooklyn Artists Gym Window View Sketch 2-03-08

And in case you need some money – here’s my “MoneyTree” sketch

MoneyTree - Marshall Sponder 2007 - Pen on Paper Sketchbook



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