Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 6, 2008

Web Analytics is Hard for several reasons

The argument of weather Web Analytics is hard or easy seems old hat – of course it’s hard or easy, depending on what audience your pitching to and what kind of questions your trying to answer – but Avinash Kaushik says it’s easy- Web Analytics Demystified: Revisited – and Eric T. Peterson saying it’s hard – Web analytics is hard!

Maybe the real difference between the two Web Analytics is in style; Avinash is a popularizer while Eric is not, even though he tries to be.  Reminds me of programs on TV/Cable like numb3rs or House.

To people who need to understand or link to Web Analytics – Avinash might be the better person to speak to, but those who actually do the work, Eric’s assessment is much more realistic and accurate.

But when did people really want to hear the Truth?   And what Truth would that be?


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