Posted by: Marshall Sponder | February 5, 2008

Barack’s Buzz – Obama, Clinton lead in Blog Buzz – Nielsen Online

Super Tuesday – it’s already too late to change much of anything in the Democratic Presidential Campaign Nomination but …. is the Blog Buzz accurate?

Is Nielsen any good at collecting it? Yes. But is it worth paying for it when you can gather it for free? No, probably not – let’s check it out and see for sure.

Obama and Clinton lead in Blog Buzz - Jan 08

This all comes from Obama Leads in Buzz, Favorite Web Destinations by Party Affiliation Issued in Marketingcharts.

“….In the weeks (January 1-29) leading up to Super Tuesday, Barack Obama drove the largest share of blog discussions* among the presidential candidates still in the running, accounting for 0.59% of the total, while rival Hillary Clinton ranked a close second, according to Nielsen Online.

Online buzz about candidate Clinton accounted for 0.51% of all online discussion, Nielsen said.”

I suppose the only difference, really, is that Blogpulse data (totally free) comes in a line chart where it’s charted against time (last 30 days) while Nielsen’s data is cumulative. No doubt we could get the same chart by just adding the numbers for each candidate over the last 30 days.

Come to think of it – isn’t blogpulse owned by Nielsen anyway – so maybe the data is coming from the same place. What would be more interesting would be segmenting the blogger (where they coming from) and their average daily readership – so you can see how many influential bloggers and blog posts are being produced for each candidate.

And I don’t see that anywhere – yet.


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